We are currently hiring for one position and taking on paid interns for the spring and summer.

Work Environment + Office Practices 
We are architects working on a variety of unique and complex projects. We are hands-on principals who draft, draw, model, render, and sometimes go to school reviews. Most important is that we are intricately familiar with all stages of design and construction. While we don’t actively teach anymore we have both taught and believe that the practice of architecture is a continuation of our education. We want our work should be more than just work. Our work relies upon taking the time to learn new things, experiment and enjoy the process.

ALTO is an office ideal for those wanting to learn all aspects of practice. Where possible we strive to be both the design and architect-of-record believing that continuity from design through construction enables the production of spectacular buildings. Our hope is that everyone who works with us will be prepared for individual practice within 3-4 years. As such we take our roles as mentors seriously and provide support for those pursuing licensure. 

If these ideas and goals interest you – even if you disagree with them – we’d be happy to meet you and discuss how you could become an integral part of our office.

Studio Locations 
We currently have two offices in Oakland and San Francisco and the choice of workplace is flexible.

Please email us at with “employment” or “job” or “internship” in the subject and identify the position you’re interested. Include a resume/cv, portfolio of your own work in addition to work-samples in pdf format. For full time staff positions it is important to either demonstrate: (A) your past experience with working drawings or (B) your desire to learn how to produce exquisite working drawings for construction. We understand there are limitations in sharing full technical drawings and construction sets.

We will consider all applicants even those who do not meet the complete requirements above. While past professional experience is generally required we will consider recent graduates who show exceptional ability and interest.

After reviewing your application we will reach out with more information and schedule a meeting. We generally respond within a few days. If you haven’t heard back from us within a week, please email us again and cc

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Project Designer

You will work closely with us on 1-2 large projects through all project phases and occasionally smaller projects. This position is ideal for someone interested in learning about all aspects of practice from pre-design through construction. Applicants should have a strong design background and demonstrated interest in developing ideas into fully realized buildings.

Responsibilities and Role

  • 1-3 years of experience on various project phases is a baseline. Years of experience are a poor-proxy for experience and capability, so use your judgement.
  • Time Commitment – 1 year minimum
  • Location – Being located in the San Francisco / Bay Area is required.
  • Independence – Ability to work independently and manage one’s own time.  Self reliance and the ability to figure things out is fundamental. 


  • Presentation drawing experience
  • Rendering experience making high fidelity renderings.
  • Physical model making experience, working & presentation models.
  • Technical drawing experience including picking up markups/redlines. An interest in learning to create construction drawings for complex projects is necessary. Prior experience creating drawings is not.
  • Proficiency in all typical office and architectural softwares. Rhino and AutoCAD proficiency are required.

Desirable / Not Required

  • Experience creating technical and construction drawings
  • A knowledge or demonstrated interested in building science and technical aspects of construction.
  • Revit and/or Enscape experience is desired.
  • Interest in furniturn, object, and/or fashion design.
  • Degree in architecture, engineering or a related discipline.

Pay & Benefits

  • Salaried position, pay and benefits commensurate with experience.



We offer internship opportunities throughout the year. We are open to part-time internships for students currently in school. Summer Internships are full time and ideally are at least 10 weeks. School sponsored externships and work-study may be possible depending on your needs.

Internships are structured to provide a varied experienced, working on various projects and types of architectural work. Our goal is to provide you with as comprehensive an experience as possible with the time available. 


  • A demonstrated interest in architecture, design, and construction.
  • Understanding of basic architectural ideas and an ability to produce presentation drawings, digital and physica models.
  • Software proficiency in Rhino and Adobe Suite are necessary.
  • Ability to work collaboratively

Desirable / Not Required

  • Rendering experience making high fidelity renderings.
  • Physical model making experience, working & presentation models.
  • Software proficiency in AutoCAD, Revit and Enscape are desireable. 
  • Experience making technical drawings and picking up markups/redlines.
  • Prior experience in practice or school is desired but not required. Exceptional applicants without formal architectural experience who demonstrate a vested interested in learning will be considered. We support unorthodox paths to architecture.

Pay & Benefits

  • Interns are paid. 
  • No benefits are provided.