Full Architectural Services
We provide full architectural and design services through all phases of a project. Our services typically begin in pre-design, extending through construction and building commissioning including post-occupancy studies.

Core Architecture & Design
Our design services begin with a rigorous exploration of a project’s goals and opportunities for refining a client’s needs. Through early schematic design studies we explore and define the exact project objectives. Often this process helps clients reimagine their initial project desires as we find innovative ways to refine the project program and needs.

Construction Administration
During and before construction we work closely with contractors, suppliers, vendors, and our consultant team to coordinate the project, review submittals and observe ongoing construction. We believe construction administration is a crucial element to every project. As every client’s in house construction experience varies, we’re able to scale our services to meet the project needs. Minimally we will observe the critical elements of a project throughout construction and project observation reports. When necessary we can provide a higher level of service with weekly on-site observations, regular OAC meetings, invoice review, and other construction management services.

Interior Design
We believe great buildings are made through the conscious integration of interior and exteriors, often blurring the lines between them. We provide interior design on most projects while also collaborating with excellent furniture and interior designers to deliver unique moods and interior environments. We regularly take on interior design projects and are uniquely suited for complex interior projects involving MEP, structural and facade work.

Building Science
How buildings mediate our environment and their effect on our climate are central to our practice. We take a holistic approach to sustainability beginning with a technical scientific approach to building performance. We are capable of providing high performance energy modeling, computational thermal simulations of building envelopes, and are well versed in contemporary building science research. We are capable of providing various levels of certification for LEED, Living Building Challenge, and other performance and prescriptive based sustainability programs and award processes.

Pre-Design & Feasibility Studies
Many projects begin preliminary feasibility studies and pre-design services to identify potential properties and develop a clear sense of project goals, program, cost and timelines. We provide a variety of pre-design services including conceptual design services suitable for marketing and fundraising, due-diligence studies of land-use, identification of potential challenges and mitigation strategies, and programming studies. User research and interviews can be an important aspect to discovering which elements are important for an organization and building consensus for large teams.

Project Management
In addition to design services we provide project management and permitting services and have relationships with a variety of engineering and specialized consultants to meet a variety of project needs. We are familiar with property acquisition processes including facilitating environmental site assessments, land use due-diligence, and facility programming studies.

Entitlements, Permitting and Tax Credits
We frequently represent clients during entitlement and permitting phases. We also provide support services, including managing complex planning application processes, CEQA submissions, facilitating various kinds of environmental, historic, and affordable housing tax-credits.